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Aruba has approximately 18 percent of the island dedicated to Arikok National Park . It has many walking trails that are well kept and open to the public for exploring. Some tour companies offer guided tours through this massive protected area that is teeming with unusual plants and wildlife. The park is safe to explore if you stay on the main path. It is located near Mt. Arikok, close the center of the island and is a natural preserve which features some of the oldest Arawak drawings, as well as trails that showcase Aruba's great variety of plants and animals like the divi-divi and kwihi trees, rare and exotic cacti, aloe, tropical flowers, birds and iguanas.

A visit to Aruba's Butterfly Farm is an unforgettable encounter with nature in all its beauty and diversity. Step into a tropical garden teeming with butterflies from around the globe and prepare to meet some of the world's most colorful and unusual creatures. Tour guides will entertain your family with commentary on butterfly habits and the miracle of metamorphosis.

The old stone California lighthouse is within sight of the Tierra del Sol golf course and is popularly named for the off-shore wreck of the famous ship, "California." Perched on a high seaside elevation, the lighthouse has become one of Aruba's scenic trademarks and offers a picture perfect view of the island's western coastline of sandy beaches.


De Palm Island is located just a 5 minute ferry ride from the mainland. It's the "hot spot" for snorkeling, snuba and scuba diving in Aruba. Abundant with spectacular coral formations and colorful blue Parrot Fish that are a thrill for young and old alike. Hammocks, food and beverage facilities, fun games, a playground for the small ones, snuba and snorkeling (including equipment) are all available.

The Natural Pool or "conchi" called "Cura di Tortuga" is a secret, hidden pool on the windward coast surrounded by rocks and is a perfect getaway for a moment of total relaxation. The location of the Pool is surrounded by some of Aruba's most rugged terrain, so a visitor truly gets the feeling of having "discovered" something when their eyes focus on the site. Diving from the rock cliffs into the protected pool of ocean seawater is the main reason why
so many venture here off the beaten path.

The constant 15-knot trade winds, along with the variety of flat-water locations and challenging wave conditions, have made Aruba one of the most popular spots on earth for windsurfers and kitesurfers.

Aruba's desert landscape lends itself to trademark images of cacti, aloe and huge areas typified by gigantic hills of sand. Many people that are touring the island by jeep or scooter enjoy driving along the northeast coast shoreline to view the massive sand dunes. It is not permitted to drive on the sand dunes, but they can be explored on foot.

Above all, families like to relax and play in the ocean or on the fantastic beaches. Aruba's beaches consist of white sand and calm waters, each with it's own flavour to suit your family's taste. They are considered to be some of the best beaches in the world.


The stores of Aruba are stocked with well-priced imported merchandise. Aruba is a "Shopper's Paradise," with perfume, liquor, linens, jewelry, watches, cameras, designer fashions, crystal and china among the luxury items available at excellent prices. You will be pleasantly surprised to find a wide selection of hand crafted items made by native Arubans. Quite often the process of producing them is carried on right in front of your eyes, on the beachfront and at concession stands set up along the harbor.

Most stores and boutiques are located in Oranjestad, but excellent shops can also be found at the larger hotels and at the airport. Aloe is abundant in Aruba and skin care products are manufactured right on the island.

The wharf at Oranjestad's colorful harbor side can be a bargain hunter's dream. Paintings, T-shirts, photographs (some of them historical), pottery and jewelry are all set up along the main street. Transactions are carried out in both dollars and florins, and bargaining is expected.

Language Spoken

The official languages are Dutch and Papiamento, the native language. English and Spanish are also widely spoken. Some hotels even have German speaking employees.

Aruba Family Vacations

The official currency of Aruba is the Aruban florin, which is divided into 100 cents. Silver coins are in denominations of 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents, one florin, 2 1/2 florins and 5 florins. The square shaped 50-cent "yotin" coin is probably Aruba's best-known coin.

The florin fluctuates with the dollar on the world market. Current exchange rates are Af. 1.77 to the U.S. Dollar and Af. 1.34 to the Canadian Dollar. U.S. dollars are widely accepted in Aruba, and banks may exchange other foreign currency.

Family Guest Ranch Vacations Aruba enjoys a very healthy climate, making it a year-round paradise for residents and visitors alike. The average temperature is 82ºF (28ºC), with cooling trade winds and the rarity of tropical storms and hurricanes. Aruba lies outside the hurricane belt therefore the rainfall is very moderate, averaging about 16.1" (408.9 mm) per year.
Entry Requirements
Persons planning to visit Aruba as a tourist for a period not exceeding 90 days for the purpose of recreation, sports, health, family reasons, study, religious purposes or business must submit the following documentation:

. A valid travel document, which should be provided with a visa for Aruba in case it concerns a national NOT mentioned in list A;
. The necessary documents for returning to the country of origin (valid permanent resident document)
. Proof of sufficient funds to stay in Aruba;
. Return or onward ticket and other documents required for the next destination (visa etc.).

Non-compliance with one of the above mentioned documentations might result in refusal of entry to Aruba. The Immigration of Aruba based on the funds the tourist is traveling with shall determine the period of stay in Aruba.

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